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Sermon Summary - Preaching To Discover The Elect - Acts 17:1

Why is it that Paul continues to preach the gospel regardless of the culture’s hatred and opposition? Paul knew that some would be saved by the gospel, or in other words, he would discover the elect. ...

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Sermon Summary - What Must I Do To Be Saved? - Acts 16:25-34

For every human being in the world today, there is no question more important than the one posed by the jailer in this passage, "What must I do in order to be saved?" There’s only one answer, "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved."...

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Sermon Summary - Believe and Be Baptized - Acts 16:11-33

It is through baptism that we who have come to faith in Jesus dramatize what has taken place in our hearts. Baptism portrays the work of the Holy Spirit himself uniting us spiritually with Jesus and his atoning death on the cross. It also portrays our new spiritual life and our future resurrection life. ...

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Sermon Summary - Loving During Personality Clashes - Acts 15:30-41

Luke tells us about a sharp disagreement between Barnabas and Paul that led to the disintegration of their close working relationship together as teachers and preachers. Even though they separated, Paul kept and had respect for Barnabas’ work and eventually found Mark useful for ministry. ...

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Sermon Summary - Division Over the Gospel is Necessary - Acts 14:24-15:11

Unity that compromises the doctrine of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone is destructive....

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Sermon Summary - How to Preach to Pagans - Acts 14:8-20

Paul urged the people of Lystra to turn away from vain sacrifices to gods and turn to the true living God. He knew his audience and spoke to them about God’s common grace in their lives. ...

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Sermon Summary - Biblical Evangelism - Acts 13:13-41

In Paul’s first recorded sermon we see his worldview and his gospel which comes with two foundational truths. The first is that God’s sovereignty shines through all human history. The second is that everything that has been written about Israel's history was leading up to the coming of Jesus in order to save sinners through His life and resurrection. ...

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Sermon Summary - Paul's Gospel and His Apostleship - Acts 13:4-12

Luke establishes Paul’s authority as an apostle and gives proof to his legitimacy by recording one of Paul’s signs and wonders, the blinding of the Jewish magician Bar-Jesus. ...

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Sermon Summary - To Oppose God’s Glory is to Lose in the End

God created the universe for His glory, and those who oppose His glory by lifting themselves up, in the end will lose. ...

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Sermon Summary - Barnabas: A Good Man - Acts 11:19-30

Barnabas was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and of faith. His exhortation to remain faithful to the Lord, steadfast in purpose, instructs us to be like him....

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Sermon Summary - Changing Is Hard - Acts 11:1-18

One of the major parts of living the Christian life is having the Lord constantly change our views, theologies, sinful feelings, or cultural givens because he is changing us from one degree of glory to another....

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Sermon Summary - The Gospel Goes to the Gentiles - Acts 10:1-29

The larger message of Peter’s vision was that he, as a Jew, is not to look at non-Jews as unclean or unworthy of having the gospel preached to them. ...

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Sermon Summary - Hope in the Lord - Psalm 131

This psalm shows us David’s childlike trust in the Lord and his exhortation to trust in the Lord....

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Sermon Summary - Jesus is the Son of God - Acts 9:19-22

Luke summarizes the core of Paul’s preaching, which is 1) Jesus is the Son of God and 2) Jesus is the messiah that was promised in the Hebrew scriptures....

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