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Out of a Far Country: A Gay Son’s Journey to God. A Broken Mother’s Search for Hope.

“Out of a Far Country is a true-life parable of saving grace for a prodigal mother and a wayward son who needed God’s forgiveness. Their story will warm the heart and lift the spirit of every parent who prays for a wandering child and every believer who needs to be reminded why the gospel is good news.” —Philip G. Ryken, president of Wheaton Coll...

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The Ultimate Purpose for Your Salvation: A meditation on 1 Peter 2:9-10

Why did you come to Jesus? Why are you a Christian? Why did God give you the identity of being “a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession who have received mercy?” The answer is crystal clear in these verses. He saved you so that you would say how great He is. In short, He saved you for His glory. ...

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Kevin DeYoung's Final Thoughts On the Rob Bell Issue

This is not going to divide evangelicalism, but it may prove that evangelicalism is already divided. What is the biggest problem in the church: people can’t stand us or we can’t stand the gospel? What is the goal of theology: to paint an attractive picture of Jesus or to say what God has already said? What is our biggest failure: we’ve turned people of...

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An Interview with Rob Bell About His False Gospel


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That Blessed Day

True Christians shall alone be found ready at the second advent. Washed in the blood of atonement, clothed in Christ's righteousness, renewed by the Spirit, they shall meet their Lord with boldness, and sit down at the marriage supper of the Lamb, to go out no more. They shall be with their Lord--with Him who loved them and gave Himself for them--with Him who bore with the...

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George Whitefield

Dr Lloyd-Jones Documentary on George Whitefield...

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An Open Letter To Seekers

What do you say in evangelizing so called seekers? An Open Letter to Seekers is a really good guide. ...

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Q and A with R.C. Sproul

How does one not enjoy watching R.C. answering questions. Enjoy!...

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Court Rules That Christianity Is Dangerous For Children

A Christian couple facing a foster parenting ban because of their views on homosexuality were told by a British court yesterday that gay rights ‘should take precedence’ over their religious beliefs. Prepare yourselves believers; this is the road our country is on. ...

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Big Influence. False Doctrine

10,000 people attend his church. 50,000 download his sermons weekly. Big influence. Leading many astray from the true Jesus. Here Is Rob Bells promotional video for his book coming out in a few weeks....

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Christian discipleship and growth

Why are relationships vital in the local church? Mark Dever and other pastors discuss the importance Christian discipleship and growth as a mark of a healthy church. A 2 minute video....

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