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How, "Let go and let God" Almost Ruined J.I. Packer's Spiritual Life

J. I. Packer, in his introduction to John Owen's The Mortification of Sin, writes of his conversion and near spiritual destruction: I was converted-that is, I came to the Lord Jesus Christ in a decisive commitment, needing and seeking God's pardon and acceptance, conscious of Christ's redeeming love for me and his personal call to me -in my first university term, a li...

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The Temptations of Christ

In light of the recent sermon I preached on the Temptations of Christ from Luke 4 and our subsequent discussion at one of the home groups, this is a very interesting discussion in this 18 minute video....

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Christian discipleship and growth

Why are relationships vital in the local church? Mark Dever and other pastors discuss the importance Christian discipleship and growth as a mark of a healthy church. A 2 minute video....

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Is Repentance Necessary In A Christian's Life?

If someone were to ask, “Do I need to have real acts of repentance in my life in order to be saved?” The answer is not a simple “yes” or “no.” The answer is “It depends on what you mean.” ...

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