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Joe Lamay was raised in El Segundo, California and was converted to Christ in 1981 at the age of nineteen.  In 1986-87, he attended Christ For The Nations Institute (C.F.N.I.) in Dallas, Texas where he met Sonya, whom he married in 1993.  Joe and Sonya have been blessed with six children (Lindsey, Justin, Michael, Matthew, Hannah, and Caleb).

Upon graduation from C.F.N.I., Joe attended L.I.F.E. Bible College in Los Angeles (B.A. 1991) where his love for theology and biblical exegesis grew.  He studied further at Fuller Theological Seminary (M.A. 1994) where he went through a theological Copernican revolution instigated by his professor Daniel Fuller.  From Dr. Fuller Joe learned a method for getting at the intended meaning of the biblical authors (arcing), which he finds crucial for his ministry of teaching and preaching.

From 1995-1999, Joe taught Bible, theology, and biblical languages at Cathedral Bible College in Escondido, California.

From 1998-2002 he taught bible and theology classes weekly in his local church.

The founding of Sovereign Grace Fellowship in 2002 was for the purpose of being a radically God-centered, desperate people who believe that true satisfaction and contentment now and for all eternity are to be found in God, through Jesus Christ, alone!  Therefore, expository preaching is crucial in the life of the local church.

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