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Sermon Summary - How to Preach to Pagans - Acts 14:8-20

Paul urged the people of Lystra to turn away from vain sacrifices to gods and turn to the true living God. He knew his audience and spoke to them about God’s common grace in their lives. ...

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Sermon Summary - Evangelism and Election - Acts 13:42-14:7

In this passage, there are 4 lessons about the gospel that we are to learn: 1) God has an elect people, 2) the gospel is about the glory of God foundationally, 3) the Biblical gospel wipes out all human boasting, 4) the gospel divides ...

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Sermon Summary - Biblical Evangelism - Acts 13:13-41

In Paul’s first recorded sermon we see his worldview and his gospel which comes with two foundational truths. The first is that God’s sovereignty shines through all human history. The second is that everything that has been written about Israel's history was leading up to the coming of Jesus in order to save sinners through His life and resurrection. ...

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Sermon Summary - Paul's Gospel and His Apostleship - Acts 13:4-12

Luke establishes Paul’s authority as an apostle and gives proof to his legitimacy by recording one of Paul’s signs and wonders, the blinding of the Jewish magician Bar-Jesus. ...

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Sermon Summary - The Schemes of the Devil - Acts 13:4-12

Our gospel witness brings us constantly into a battle with the enemy of salvation in Jesus Christ. Therefore, as believers, we need to grasp how he works (his schemes), in order to do spiritual battle against him. ...

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