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Sermon Summary - Apollos The Preacher/Teacher - Acts 18:18-28

Apollos was a man mighty in the Scriptures, yet humble enough to receive correction from a tent maker and his wife (Priscilla and Aquila)....

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Sermon Summary - Jesus Is With Us In Our Fears - Acts 18:1-17

There are three major realities in Paul’s missionary trip to Corinth that we can relate to. First, every Christian goes through trials. Second, in all of them the Lord is faithful. Third, we are called to be faithful servants of our Lord....

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Sermon Summary - Paul Preaches in Athens - Acts 17:16-34

Paul adapts his approach, but not the gospel. He first finds common ground with his audience in Athens before proclaiming God the Creator, Jesus' resurrection, and the call to repentance. ...

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Sermon Summary - Preaching To Discover The Elect - Acts 17:1

Why is it that Paul continues to preach the gospel regardless of the culture’s hatred and opposition? Paul knew that some would be saved by the gospel, or in other words, he would discover the elect. ...

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