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Sermon Summary - Jesus is the Son of God - Acts 9:19-22

Luke summarizes the core of Paul’s preaching, which is 1) Jesus is the Son of God and 2) Jesus is the messiah that was promised in the Hebrew scriptures....

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Sermon Summary - Persecution & The New Sexual Revolution - Acts 8:1

God uses persecution as a means to purify His church and for the spread of the gospel through evangelism....

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Sermon Summary - Paul Meets Jesus on the Damascus Road - Acts 9:1-19

Through the salvation of Saul of Tarsus, we know that no one is outside hope of the Lord's salvation. Paul’s unlikely conversion to Christ should bring us great encouragement. ...

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Sermon Summary - Listen To The Holy Spirit's Leadings - Acts 8:26-40

Does God speak to His people today? Biblically, there is no reason that the Holy Spirit would now be silent in personally guiding His people like He did Philip. The Bible does not rule out the special guidance of the Holy Spirit; it advocates it. ...

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Sermon Summary - False Conversions - Acts 8:9-25

The Holy Spirit fell upon the Samaritans and they saw the grace of God in Jesus. Simon however, was blind to this, and only saw the manifestations of the Spirit and focused on what he could gain from them. ...

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