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Vipers, Wrath, Repent, Bear Fruits, Holy Spirit Baptism by the Savior=The Gospel

We have seen in Luke 3:1-20 that John the Baptist called his fellow religionists "vipers" (children of the devil); he told them to flee from God's anger poured out in the coming judgment (wrath); he told them that God's wrath is coming because of their sins, and, therefore, they need to turn their hearts back to God and show it in a changed life of genuine repentance; he pointed to the only Savior from the coming wrath that our sins deserve and said it is He who will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. All these words of John's are referred to as the Gospel (the good news) in verse 18.

May we learn with John that the power of God in actually saving people is in the Gospel...the biblical Gospel.

You can here the sermon here.

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