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Sunday (3/29) Worship Online

Message below from Pastor Joe regarding SGF’s Sunday (3/29) Service:

While we are locked down in shelter-in-place, this Sunday will work as follows:

There will be two YouTube videos uploaded on our SGF YouTube page by early Sunday morning.

The first video will be a short visit from the Apostle Paul delivering his speech to King Agrippa, Festus, and the others. It is a word-for-word dramatization of Acts 26:1-29 by Bob Draves (A must see!). Please watch this video before watching the sermon. I will preach from that passage.

The second video will be the sermon I will be preaching this weekend.

I highly encourage you, whether alone or with family, to open up in prayer and song, if you are able, before transitioning to worship through the preached Word.

To simplify, this will not be live streamed. Both videos will be pre-recorded the day before.

On Sunday morning, I will most likely text the links and post the links on Facebook, etc.


Join us Sunday at