An Introductory Course in Ethics 7pm

Every last Wednesday of the month until November 21, 2018

7:00pm – 8:30pm

Course Introduction: It seems that today we’re bombarded with declarations of how we “should” or “should not live”. The voices are loud and often belligerent. Consider the latest headlines and moral pronouncements forcefully coming through the page, screen, or I-phone. These assertions come from a variety of sectors (e.g., universities, the media, politics, and friends and family) that operate under a particular worldview which guides how people think and live.

Moral demands and judgments are placed on us all, but how do we determine whether or not they are true and thus ought to be obeyed? Popular opinions often lack substance yet the views of those that are loudest and strongest, too often mute the voices of those who are not.

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are called to be salt and light in the world, not retreat from it. We have a rich tradition of knowledge in ethics and moral reasoning, so cowering need not be our legacy. Instead through a little bit of instruction and effort, we can confidently, courageously, compassionately and courteously engage the issues of our day.

Thus, this course is structured to equip believers: to understand worldviews and how they inform moral deliberation, to understand the systems of ethics that people practice, and to engage current issues that are dear to so many. The goal here is to enrich our personal lives, inform our disciple making and embolden our evangelism so that we can more wisely and confidently navigate the shoals of the cultural landscape.

Location: Torrance, CA (contact Pastor Joe for address (310) 699-5683)

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